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The Spring 2017 issue of FoHS Newsletter is now online

It’s been a while since our last issue of FoHS Newsletter in December 2016 but the Spring issue, Volume 4 Number 1 Spring 2017, is now available.

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Weekly seal count results

Autumn/Winter 2016-17

Seal pup count report

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Week No

Count date Adult greys harbour New born pups Total  births Dead pups


27/10/16 250 6 0




03/11/16 310 7




10/11/16 322 0




17/11/16 391 0


5 24/11/16 794 0


 496 13
 6  1-2/12/16  1213 0  395 882 8
 7  08/12/16  1084 0 233 1022  13
 8  12/12/16  1051  0  192  1300  27
 9  21-22/12/16  745  0  89  1397  12
 10  27/12/16 470    25  1422  6
 11  05/01/17 information not received         
 12 11-12/01/17 111    1  1430
 13 19/01/17 217    0  1431
 2016-17 season’s total

(figures are estimated)



(+39 new born deaths = 1526)


A dedicated team of volunteers turns out weekly in all weathers, early in the morning, during the breeding season to gather this information.  The team counts adult seals on the beach, pups newly born (since the previous count), suckling pups and weaned pups.  They also record the dead pups they find, separating older remains from any new deaths since the previous week.  Recognising pups born since a previous count can be tricky since FoHS does not mark pups with dye, as is the practice at some rookeries, and It is difficult to keep an accurate record of deaths because corpses may be scavenged or swept off the beach by tidal action. You will see above that the figures are estimated – these are the reasons.

The committee of Friends of Horsey Seals wishes to thank the counting team and their organiser, Eilish Rothney who also provides the records above, for carrying out this valuable and complex task. 

Confirmation received: Friends of Horsey Seals is now a registered charity

News Flash 10.10.16

After months of work by committee members, Hattie and David, Friends of Horsey Seals today received notification from the Charity Commissioners that our application for registration as a charity has been accepted.

This is what we had been hoping for, and this sentence from the Commissioners’  email sums it up:

We are satisfied that FRIENDS OF HORSEY SEALS is a charity and it has been entered onto the Register of Charities with the Registered Charity Number 1169539.