Mrs Frisbee gets help

A female grey seal with a yellow collar has been hitting the headlines recently.  She has been avoiding capture for months while FoHS wardens and members of the public got more and more anxious that she was in need of help to get the yellow collar (a frisbee) removed.  Capture by a specialised netting team was the only way to get her to the RSPCA Wildlife Centre at East Winch, near Kings Lynn, but while still able to get back into the sea, catching an adult seal is a difficult task.

Finally, on 24th September, all the elements were in the right place and FoHS chairman, Peter Ansell, with seal wardens Teresa and Billy Le Compte, were able to net Mrs Frisbee and transport her to RSPCA East Winch for removal of the frisbee.

The plight of Mrs Frisbee hit social media and her ‘capture’ attracted enquiries from as far afield as USA and Australia looking for information about the seal for their own news programmes.  It seems seals have an international appeal!

The link below is to a BBC online news broadcast with graphic details of Mrs Frisbee’s wound.  We are pleased to say she is very lively, feeding well and there’s every reason to expect that she will be returned to the wild as soon as her wounds have healed.

BBC Online News report: Mrs Frisbee


This photo taken by Teresa Le Compte on the day of the capture shows Mrs Frisbee looking undernourished and distressed.