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About Friends of Horsey Seals

In December 2011, at the suggestion and with the support of Natural England and the Broads Authority (the originators of the seal project at Horsey), a group of volunteer seal wardens set up a committee to take over management of the wardening scheme. This was in response to changes in Government funding priorities. Friends of Horsey Seals was born and has managed the project since then.

Five years later the group applied to register as a charity and were accepted and registered by the Charity Commission on 10th October 2016.  Registered charity no. 1169539.

The original unincorporated organisation was formally closed and a new Constitution to reflect the legal requirements of a charity was introduced. Click the link to view/download the charity’s constitution FoHS Constitution. You may need to download Adobe Reader.

Serving committee members agreed to take on the role of trustees of the charity, also known as members (of the board of trustees).

The change from a community group to registered charity brought new ways of working into the administration of the charity, but the practicalities of wardening and the aims and objectives of the charity remain the same.

The aim of Friends of Horsey Seals is:

To protect the grey seal rookery at Horsey from disturbance by the public.

Our objectives are:

  • To increase knowledge, understanding and appreciation of grey seals.
  • To work with land owners, agencies and the local community to increase protection of the grey seal colony.
  • To operate and manage an effective seal warden scheme.

Click the link to read FoHS Confidentiality Statement

Becoming a seal warden with Friends of Horsey Seals

If you live in, or within reach of, north-east Norfolk and would like to take your support to another level, have you thought about volunteering with Friends of Horsey Seals as a seal warden?  Why not register your interest in seal wardening by sending a brief introduction with your name and contact details on recruitment@friendsofhorseyseals.co.uk.  An acknowledgment will be sent immediately and you will be emailed later with dates and the venue for training, which is usually in September.

Take a look at this video to learn more about what our volunteers do and why they enjoy being seal wardens.  The video includes short interviews with some of the many visitors who come to see the seals  – video.  This video was generously produced for FoHS by Al Glenton of Norfolk Images.  Seal wardens are automatically registered as ‘Friends’ at no cost.

 We invite you to become a ‘Friend’ of Horsey Seals

With no funding to pay  the costs of running the organisation, a membership scheme was started to raise income.  The scheme changed to a FRIENDS scheme in 2018 with joiners becoming a ‘Friend’ of Horsey Seals.  Membership is annual and the £12 fee pays for the period 1st November to 31st October.  One fee pays for everyone in the household.  Visitors who join at Horsey and pay in cash benefit from a reduced fee (£10).   The fees of new joiners applying for membership after 30th June will be valid from the date we receive their payment until 31st October of the following year.

Payment can be made through our website  by PayPal, or cheque,  or Friends can set up a Standing Order arrangement with their bank. Please contact us about Standing Order payment by emailing friends@friendsofhorseyseals.co.uk

Friends have access to their own password-protected pages on the website where they can find information, a quarterly newsletter, news of events for Friends, and Friends can follow progress of the season’s weekly pup counts.

To become a Friend of Horsey Seals click here